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Tank Integrity


Safeguarding storage tanks with respect to Irish COMAH regulations. 


In order to safeguard the integrity of vertical storage tanks (VSTs) which fall under COMAH regulations, varying levels of routine inspection (and associated maintenance) dependant on a VSTs service, and history is recommended.

Inspections should be broad, covering all aspects critical to a tanks integrity. By API and EEMUA it is advised that inspections should  include  weekly checks which may be carried out by the tank operators own site personnel, and up full top to bottom internal and external inspections which should be performed by an authorised API or EEMUA tank inspector.

By following an approved inspection regime, any storage tank can be assured to be in its best possible condition and fit for purpose. 

In addition to regular inspections some tank farm operators wish to go beyond the  API and EEMUA standards to tailor an inspection regime for their specific cases, e.g., a tank with a known deformation which is acceptable but requires continued monitoring, or a change of product which may or may not cause an increase in corrosion rates.

To help with the former we work in collaboration with Murphy Surveys we use high definition laser scans to accurately measure and compare all aspects of a tanks dimensions to API 653 or EEMUA 159.

This data can also be use for FEA purposes to access particular areas of concern and if necessary model a suitable repair solution. More information can be found here.


How we can help.

A well documented, inspection and maintenance plan can, both safeguard a tank  and its stored product.

This is is something we can assist  tank farm operators setting up and running.

For  full inspections we  can  provide a turnkey service,  from  initial breaking, de-gassing, and cleaning to complete internal and external top to bottom, inspections.

We can also provide a one day training of a tank farms own personnel to carry out weekly and monthly checks.

Inspection and Surface Preparation

General - Non Destructive Testing


Pipeline Inspection

Weld Inspection

Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Surveys

Ultrasonic Flaw Detection of Welds

Hardness Testing

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Dye Penetrant Inspection

Specialist Inspection 


Visual Inspection by Rope Access

Close Visual Inspection to Structures

Industrial Thermographic Inspection

Long Range Ultrasonics (LRUT)

Hull & Cargo Tank  Inspections

Marine  Pile Inspection (Top Side)

We have expertise, onshore and offshore to carry out a wide range of inspections to comply with CE or API inspection requirements.


Vertical Storage Tanks  Certification to API 653 or EEMUA 159


We can provide turnkey inspections to storage tanks, including internal cleaning, inspection and certification ,to advice on repairs or modifications to make a tank compliant to a code or standard.

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